I tend toward being a rather practical person – or at least I like to think so. I do have taste for things of quality and/or significant aesthetic value. I just usually can’t justify the cost of it and often long from afar until I find something else to moon over. But, damn it, I want one of these.

I saw a little boy getting chauffeured around in one the other day [at Starbucks, of course] and asked about it. That’s how much I liked it: I initiated a conversation with a complete stranger about her baby’s stroller and I didn’t even have babyQ with me to show that it was a legitimate discussion. She paid $85 US for it at a warehouse/outlet store across the border. Okay, it’s that cute. [I have difficulty with converting funds, so I usually just ignore it…]

But here? In an oh-so chic baby boutique? Two hundred and fifty damn dollars.

Okay…now I’m not sure where the magic line is, but that crossed it. Shit. I can’t, as of yet, bring myself to get one. Maybe I need to go to the mall and test drive some really cheap, some-assembly-required strollers to talk myself into this kind of maniacal spending. Maybe we’ll get 4 numbers on the lottery this weekend [hey, I’m not greedy]. Maybe I’ll add it to babyQ’s Christmas list…

Maybe we’ll go for a little drive across the border and hit the outlet malls. Because, that way, it will only cost me $85. At least, in my mind it will only cost me $85 – until I get my credit card statement in Canadian dollars …

3 responses to “lust

  1. Look at it this way: if you plan on having more kids it may be worth the investment. If you have another baby that’s only $175 per kid. And that’s not so bad. I mean, come on! An 11 pound stroller! That’s awesome! And cute.

    Sorry, I just want you to get it so I don’t feel so crazy for buying my Stokke highchair! 😉

  2. Actually that $85.00 US would not be much more in Canadian funds. About $95.00 actually. So make a run for the border!!

  3. rebecca: stokke is evil, evil, evil! I am in love with the round crib and the high chair is amazing…

    mackey: wow – that’s not bad at all! I knew the exchange was decent, but I hadn’t realised it was so good. hm…a trip may be in the works…

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