you scratch my back…

[drafted, as occurred, on Monday…]

While the discussion may have begun with an acknowledgment of the fact that I ignored Mr.Q’s not so subtle tactics last night [hey, I still am fighting off a cold here and am damn tired], it lead into the acknowledging Mr.Q’s not so subtle tactics regarding tonight’s possible events, how I’m still sick and tired and how I have to vacuum … unless, perhaps, maybe he wanted to vacuum, because that would make me oh-so happy … [nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!].

To which Mr.Q responded: nah, it’s not worth it.

I kid you not. That, of course, was met with frosty silence.

To which Mr.Q responded: oh, no, I mean you’re worth it, but it’s just that vacuuming’s really hard work and all…

That, too, of course, was met with frosty silence. And a raised eyebrow. And a contemplated feint of the knee toward the vicinity of the crotch. And much rolling of eyeballs and discussion about how it’s amazing that we ever even had a baby and the merits of turning down the temperature in one’s shower.

I vacuumed.

Mr.Q, however, made dinner, baked cookies and washed the dishes. All of his own free will. Now, though, he’s watching football.

But, at least there are chocolate cookies.

3 responses to “you scratch my back…

  1. Hehe, that sounds familiar.

    I don’t know if you have seen the Adam Sandler movie ‘Click’ – and his Dad says to his Mum ‘how about it?’ or something along those lines.. and she says ‘only if you massage me first’ – and he replies ‘nah, let’s go to sleep’. Too funny!

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