nice vacation

So, I’m back after only one day off – perhaps I need blog therapy. Mr.Q’s cousin works in addiction services, maybe I should talk to her…don’t worry: she’s into harm reduction, as opposed to Thou Shalt Not, so I wouldn’t have to quit cold turkey…

Or maybe I’ll just deny, deny, deny!

I’m certainly in denial about my friend’s party tonight [oooh, nice segue way]. Every year, I lose track of this friend: she moves, she renovates, she moves again, she’s busy, I’m busy, we play phone tag and email each other times when it might be good to call. But, every year, she throws a huge Christmas party. And, since it is a designated date when I know she’ll be there, I made a point of going for the past few years.

And, every year, she is the only person there that I know. To make matters even more awkward, every else at her parties generally knows each other. So, Mr.Q and I make as much small talk as we can with various and sundry folk but, eventually, they all get into you had to be there conversations and we smile at the appropriate intervals for about 1/2 an hour before we make an escape.

So, this year, I’m not going. And I feel bad about it sad that I don’t feel bad about it.

I’ll still try and get a hold of her, for a while, and hopefully we will manage to get together – at least before her next Christmas party.

One response to “nice vacation

  1. I admire your resolve in determining NOT to do that party thing. Having a baby has made it easier for me to back off of things that I wasn’t really into in the first place, but I’m still given to fulfilling certain social *responsibilities* that I should probably give up…

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