if you own Hallmark stock, it may go down

The Christmas cards are done. Over 60 e-cards sent, with link to the online annual Christmas letter, and a mere six cards to be sent by snail mail. And, this alone was enough to cover me in Christmas card sparkles that I will now find everywhere for the next four months. Next year, I hope to only send two physical cards to those aged relatives without computers. The other four had better damn well send me their email addresses, as requested, or I’ll have to assume they aren’t all that interested in us.

It’s weird. Every year I seriously wonder if people are interested. Do they read the cards and letters and why, exactly, am I putting myself through this again?? I’m sending cards to people I haven’t seen in, literally, over a decade, people I’ve never actually met and people I probably wouldn’t talk to were I not related to them. Yet they all receive the obligatory update and the “Merry Christmas!!” in their card, with a little smiley face drawn under the “!!”. [yes, I draw a little smiley face under my exclamation marks. get over it.]

This year, even though I went the electronic route, I’ve already had four positive email replies. The speedy delivery of a flash-animated penguin bearing holiday wishes, apparently warrants a speedy and favourable response. I’m suddenly not so guilty for not personally addressing sixty-plus cards to Mr. & Mrs. FlakyRelative and their ObnoxiousChild, SpoiledBrat and LittleMissPerfect. [okay, some cards are to FavouriteUncle and BestestFriend but, sadly, not all]

So, apologies to you, dear Hallmark. I’ve now been fully converted. I used to use your free e-cards for last minute holy-shit-I-forgot-a-birthday moments but now, I’m all in, baby. While you may still see money from me for a few cards for Mr.Q and babyQ, you’ve hooked me on the free stuff. I’m not sure how this will work to my disadvantage later, though I’m sure it will. In the mean time, though, it’s an e-card party – nay, dare I say, orgy! – all around.

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