the silver lining

Because there always has to be one, right?

I’ve posted before about Mr.Q’s innumerable allergies and intolerances before and how I haven’t had take-out pizza in years and how we’re now worried about introducing food to babyQ. But, it’s at this time of the year that I’m actually not terribly upset about having such a restricted-by-association diet.

It’s a bloody baking extravaganza out there now, people, with cookies being made here and here and gingerbread houses coming out of the woodwork here. I mean, I get to make a small batch of scones or a dozen oatmeal muffins and they’re gone within 24 hours. Could you imagine what would happen if I made batch upon batch of gingerbread, shortbreads or rumballs?? I would turn into a rumball. One with a slight gingery overtone.

So, help me out here: who is everyone baking for? Okay – gingerbread houses are for the family, that’s fine. But canisters of cookies? That can’t be purely for home use, even with a little entertaining. And, if they’re being taken around to neighbourhood open houses, you’re likely getting just as many baked good in return, are you not?

I love baking – far much more so that cooking, as Mr.Q will attest – but am sorely limited in my options due to his dietary constraints. But, even if I weren’t, I suspect I couldn’t bring myself to do this manic kind of baking. Either that, or I’d have to be doing it, and eating, all the time.

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