sizing up the competition

BabyQ is 6 months old today. [??!!]

Damn. How and when did that happen?? She has two teeth, she has more than doubled her birth weight and is now ready to start eating food. Once in a while [brief snatches of time amidst naps] I get a chance to look back at some “old” pictures and can’t quite fathom how small she was [for a 10 pound baby]. She’ll be weighing in at her next doctor appointment on the 12th, though we’re certain she’s well over 20 pounds, and is wearing clothing designated for 18 month olds [21-26lbs].

And, while most of babyQ’s baby friends are of a similar ilk – gigantobabies – we often get reminded that babyQ is actually larger than most: Mr.Q and babyQ have taken to hitting up the other daddies and daughters. While at the mall, while grocery shopping, while sitting in Starbucks, Mr.Q is initiating spontaneous conversations with random parents while carrying babyQ in the bjorn. [how is it that two acknowledged introverts such as myself and Mr.Q are suddenly striking up conversations with people left, right and center??] Often times, these other babies are also in bjorns – on which there is a 22lb weight limit. However, these still smaller.

BabyQ could so kick their asses.

I’m going to get my maternity vitamins tested for steroids.

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