I read this article the other day: What’s Wrong with Being Nobody’s Mother? and it’s been turning over in my poor little brain ever since.

I have friends who are not likely to have children. I have friends who don’t know if they want to have kids. I have friends who might very well want a baby, but aren’t in a position – either financially, relationship-wise or personally – where they are comfortable enough to contemplate a family.

Having said that, was I actually ready?? Hell, no. Even after a year of trying to get used to the idea, my mindset wasn’t set to Family until a few weeks after babyQ came home [I believe my baby blues was my final crank of the dial from double-income-no-kids to yummy mummy].

But for those who, for whatever reason, do not have children – this article brings up some intriguing notions around what words are used to indicate that there are no children in the household and how that may shape perceptions. And why must the fact that an individual has no child be important?

Perhaps I haven’t been a parent long enough, but I haven’t reached the point of automatically assuming that a person/a couple has children. Perhaps once babyQ is a little older and we get more involved with other parents at day care, play groups and activities, it will just seem like everyone [must] have a child, don’t they?

I just hope I don’t end up alienating all my double-income-no-kids friends with a poor choice of words.

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