our carseat limit is 22 pounds

BabyQ went in for her 6 month doctor visit today and came away with two needle bruises, two bandaids, multiple viral particles in her system and a blessing to begin eating something other than breast milk.

Oh yeah – and she weighs 21 pounds and 1 ounce.

Damn. And I wonder why I’m tired.

But, I now get to outsource babyQ’s nutritional well being to the likes of carbohydrates laced with iron and mashed up, popsicle vegetables. Actually, the doctor said that, at 6 months, she’s ready for pretty much whatever we want to give her with the exception of whatever Mr.Q is allergic to, dairy, and his list of highly allergenic substances. Uh, yeah, so, combining all three limitations [two, really, considering Mr.Q is already allergic to dairy], that does knock the list down quite a bit. To rice, oats and a few veggies. And a little meat – later.

So, we have a list and time line that I am happy with and that our doctor is happy with and we’ve agreed to simply take it slow. I asked all my newbie mom questions and he quite happily answered them all. I’m not so sure that the clinic was happy, though, because just as we were wrapping up, there was a knock at the door: another doctor wanted to ask our pediatrician “for his opinion on one of her patients”.

I’ve decided that this is code for: “time’s up, I’ve come to rescue you from the crazy parent”.

Next appointment, I’ll have to look for the little buzzer hidden under the desk or the two way mirror to the adjoining office or keep an eye out for smoke signals…

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