fa la la la la la la la. la.

More like lalalalala-I-can’t-hear-you-lalalalala…..

We got our out of town gifts in the mail today – I wanted to send them by bus but, since another big ol’ nasty storm blew through last night and left the bus depot without power, we have to suck it up and put our ever hopeful faith in Canada Post. [bus depots are sketchy enough with power … I’m glad Mr.Q was the one who went there today]

There are 10 – count ’em, t.e.n.days left until Christmas. Not 10 shopping day, not 10 working days, not even 10 whole days. By this time, 10 days from now, most of Christmas will be over.

I have no concept.

It’s not that I suck at math, or am missing a finger with which to count past nine. On an academic level, I get it. In reality, I don’t grasp the situation at all. I’m not normally like this. Normally, I just don’t give a rat’s ass but I am fully aware of the season. This year, despite Santa photos [which, oddly enough, turned out quite well], Christmas choir concerts, the Blackadder Christmas special and relatives hounding for ideas for babyQ, I’m simply oblivious.

Is this an extension of mommy brain? I am too tired to connect the dots? Or will it take a miracle at the post office when my parents’ gifts arrive by the 22nd to renew my sense of holiday spirit?

2 responses to “fa la la la la la la la. la.

  1. I mailed a parcel to Kansas on Dec.5. I paid $35.00 to have it expedited & they said it would be there in 11 days.
    Ya right, I last checked an hour ago & it is still sitting in the soration plant in Mississauga Ontario!!! Grrrr!

  2. ugh – I have never believed Canada Post tracking. If I did, I’d probably have several ulcers by now! Hope it gets where it needs to go on time… 😀

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