awe inspiring

Earlier this afternoon, Mr.Q returned from his overnight trip to Edmonton for which he took one piece of carry-on luggage containing his suit. Needless to say, his garment bag didn’t fit into said piece of luggage, so I was brought in to manage packing. Somehow, this carried over into packing dental floss and deodorant as well, but, whatever.

My primary responsibility was to fold Mr.Q’s dress shirt, pants and suit jacket.

Where did you learn to do that??!! … in all sincerity and with huge new found respect…

He was truly amazed and, I think, a little awed. Apparently my general day to day competencies are simply underwhelming. Just because I don’t do something, doesn’t mean that I can’t. As with this, as with many things.

I can, for example, cook.

[shut up]

I just, generally, see no point in it. I can iron. But, again, why bother if I can buy clothing that doesn’t need ironing or, better still, requires dry cleaning? I can get on my hands and knees and scrub the corners of the kitchen floor. But, if you’re going to look that closely, it’s your own damn fault.

So, yes, I can fold a dress shirt and suit so that it survives a two hour flight. Just don’t ask me to do it every day. And don’t ask me to iron it after it is maimed when packed for the return flight.

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