aaahhh, the guilt!

I am officially a horrible mother.

Mr.Q and I went out to Holly Cole with the VSO last night and, not only did I enjoy it, I was looking forward to it. I was looking forward to abandoning my child with a willing co-worker-turned-babysitter, dressing up [full makeup!] and heading downtown to the theatre for jazz and symphony.

And, being Holly Cole and the VSO, it rocked. This, despite the asshole sitting behind me who insisted on tapping in time on the back of my seat [I let it go…with a glare at intermission], whacked the back of my head with his jacket when he first sat down and chatted and giggled with his [skanky] girlfriend throughout the show [he giggled like a ten year old girl].

What did end up bothering me was the fellow seated next to me. Now, on occasion, I have been known to whoop and holler a little more than the average concert attendee [U2], as has Mr.Q [Chantal Kreviazuk], but this guy literally only clapped a maximum of five times per song. I counted. He did not participate in the encore. He did not clap when one of the musicians did a solo – even the prompted ones. In short, while he may have payed his ticket and even seemed to enjoy the show, he came off as a total jerk. I suspect that made me clap and cheer and enjoy the concert a little more.

At least until it was time to head home and I realised that I had been babyless for four hours. And had enjoyed myself.

How much karma to I need to build up now?

3 responses to “aaahhh, the guilt!

  1. Woohoo! A night on the town! Glad you enjoyed it. GOOD mothers know they need to get out every now and then so they don’t go insane!

    “Keepin’ sane for baby”

    You should have a bumper sticker of something… 😉

  2. Oh please…that doesn’t make you a bad mother. I counted MINUTES…SECONDS even…until Henry’s grandmother arrived at our place on Saturday so Kris and I could go upstate for the night.
    And we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Even commented–nearly at the same time–that we could have done with A SECOND NIGHT away!
    And apropos of nothing, really: When Kris and I had our first non-date, we were at MSG to see Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. We got a little tipsy and chatty. The old dude to our right not only asked us to extinguish our smoking materials but to shut up, as well. Wherein I immediately introduced myself as Agnes and Kris as Phil, and proceeded to create a whole alternate universe and annoy the crap out of the guy until he got up and left.
    We continue to use Phil and Agnes McGillicuddy as our aliases to this day.

    Anyhoo: sounds like you had a great night. !!!

  3. thx Hillary! Keepin’ sane, indeed.

    lizzy – Agnes & Phil – love them! And, really, who doesn’t have smoking materials at a Bob Dylan concert?

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