another attempt at cool stuff

So, the problem with getting online and looking around is that there is a lot of stuff out there. And a lot of stuff that is just awesome. Especially if it is childrens’ clothing that isn’t cutesy, kitchy and gaggy. Enter Havins Originals. They, too, are holding a contest through Crazy Hip Blog Mamas [I’m sensing a trend…not to worry , people, I choose my battles carefully!] that entails me attempting to write a catchy saying for a baby onsie.

In light of our recent use of personal calling cards, the anticipated future use of these cards and the necessity of carrying around my Palm Pilot in which to enter suddenly important names, numbers and dates, I submit the following:

have your people call my people

The result? Instant play dates for the social butterfly.

2 responses to “another attempt at cool stuff

  1. haha that’s on my comment box!

    Anyway, I like looking at children’s online’s a whole new world!!

  2. lol – great minds, and all that!

    As long as I don’t have my credit card sitting next to me, it’s great new world 😀

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