neck braces are SO sexy

Sadly, I’ve not been given one, though I half suspected that my chiropractor would foist one off on me today.

Remember that whole karma query? How would I get mine for enjoying my night on the town on Monday? Well, here you have it.

At 3:30 this morning, after a blissful half night of sleep – no interruptions from the Magpie or the dog – I thought it might be nice to stretch a little and roll onto my side. Had I made it, it indeed might have been nice. Instead, I was blindsided with a convulsing jolt up the left side of my neck that left me immobilized on one side and attempting to poke Mr.Q in the head repeatedly with my other hand to wake him up and help me.

It took over 2 minutes for the sleeping bastard beauty to awaken. Mr.Q requires painfully detailed instructions at 3:30 in the morning in order to be of any help. Painfully. Detailed. Eventually, my shoulder and ear became slightly separated and I was able to sit and massage my own neck a little. I’ve had no sleep since.

I did get a few more attempts at massages from Mr.Q [including a knee to the head while I was flat out on the floor and he was sitting down beside me]. But, thank god, he already had today off and is doing an amazing job looking after the Magpie. Because I can’t lift her, lie on the floor with her or carry her around and dance. Basically, I can sit still while Mr.Q puts her on the pillow in my lap when she’s hungry and that’s about it. Yay, me.

Not only did I get bit in the ass by karma in terms of discomfort, but I had to cancel my hair appointment. My gloriously anticipated semi-annual hair appointment. My guy even phoned me back: how are you doing? did you want to maybe just come in for the cut – much less time than a cut and colour? Hell, I just opened up a 3 hour window in his schedule and a $200 hole in his wallet. I think I have to give him a extra tip and and present when I go in the new year.

I think I’ll have to take something in for my chiropractor, too. Because, while I’m not well enough to drive to the clinic on my own to drop off a thank you, I am now well enough to sit at the computer for a few minutes and post about it.

2 responses to “neck braces are SO sexy

  1. Argh geez, you poor thing!! I hope it all gets better soon, sounds v painful indeed.

    I also hope despite your neck, you can have a great christmas, Magpie’s first (exciting!).

    Take care!

  2. Arg! Oh no! That sounds awful!

    I still go with you needed Monday night to relax so you’d be calm enough to deal with this. (are you buying it??)

    Feel better soon!

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