presents non-presence

We are so lame.

Mr.Q and I haven’t bought presents for each other yet.

We were going to go buy new, fancy cell phones but, since the rules are changing in March, we suspect there will be some good offers going around then and will wait.

We were going to buy a new bed, having slept on the same temporary we-just-moved-and-need-something-to-sleep-on mattress that was purchased 9 years ago. The catch is that Mr.Q doesn’t want to have to go look at new beds.

So, it is now December 23 and only yesterday did we go out and purchase our $30 worth of stocking stuffers for each other. And it was way easier to pick out things for the Magpie [and, yes, buy them] than it was for my dear Mr.Q. He ended up with a bunch of stuff that he knows he’s getting and one gag gift.

And we are pretty much okay with this. We’ll get our phones in March. We’ll scope the January sales for a new bed. Neither one of us is willing to go near a mall tomorrow to look for video games or camera equipment, so we’ll be pleased with our magazines, mandarin orange and chocolate.

I think this is just another one of those things that points us in the direction of old

3 responses to “presents non-presence

  1. Lol, tell me about it. Here in NZ it’s nearly bedtime, christmas eve.. and know what we were doing a couple of hours ago? Buying a new fridge!! ARGH! What a day for the fridge to crap out. Now that felt old, shopping for a major appliance right before the shops closed on christmas eve. Hehe.

    Have a lovely christmas, and enjoy your first christmas with that gorgeous daughter of yours šŸ™‚

  2. Yesterday I went to the market to buy the mixings for chocolate chip cookies. And holy hell, it was like armageddon in there! People coming to blows for eggs!
    I don’t blame you for avoiding the mall.
    Besides, who needs video games and camera equipment when you have the best present ever: Magpie!
    Merry merry and happy happy from our family to yours.

  3. You’re totally in good company on this … we stopped even trying to buy for each other the year our little Widget came. Now he’s 2 1/4 and we never even considered it. Of course, we’re having a (just-after) Christmas baby this year, so when would we have time?

    Glad you had a good day, even if it wasn’t the perfect Baby’s First Christmas. It rarely is.

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