chocolate stupor

We have survived a reasonable facsimile of a lovely Christmas.

There were relatives – more than can actually seat at my table. There was food – dinner was excellent and there is way too much chocolate. There were presents – though I missed half the opening while feeding the Magpie, and there were too many people involved to pause and restart after we returned, so they went on without us.

We are all regrouping today – sleep, diet and dishes – and I’ll have to take a look through the scant few photos that I was able to take. I hardly managed any of the Magpie during Christmas, although Mr.Q did take a quick video of everyone. It was not the quintessential Baby’s First Christmas – and I’m not sure whether I’m happy about that or not but I would like to have had time for more photos. It was Everybody Descending Upon the House for Baby’s First Christmas – and there was just no helping that.

My parents have already booked with us for next Christmas.

I’ll get back in the swing of posting but, in the mean time, if the words seem a little dazed, it’s just because my eyeballs are still glazed over from too much chocolate.

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