another thing I’ve surmised

Corporations are assholes. [there. how’s that for oversimplifying?]

While, really, I already knew that, and it has been re-enforced like never before in the last few weeks – about as long as the Magpie has been trying solid foods. And, every time I try and buy her a grain cereal, my blood pressure goes through the roof, I get heart palpitations and begin to see stars.

We have found a couple of cereals that are perfectly reasonable, quasi-accessible and what I honestly expected cereals to be. There also seems to be a wide range of organic jars available, though I’ve not looked at these nearly as closely because, after the cereal, I’m rather scared.

We have had to go out of our way to find rice, oat and barley cereals that I am willing to feed the Magpie. You know, rice cereal that contains rice and a few vitamins and minerals. Oat cereal that contains oats and a few vitamins and minerals. Barley cereal that contains – you guessed it – barley and a few vitamins and minerals. Am I really that naive??

Am I wrong to find it shocking that there are companies out there producing stage one infant cereals, to be fed from six months, that contain skim milk powder, whey powder, maltodextrin, coconut oils and a slough of unpronouncable ingredients? While some are less offensive than others, they still seems excessive [oligofructose helps how?]. Following our pediatrician’s food introduction list – in which he encourages us to introduce many new foods and textures, including mixing foods – the Magpie won’t be having dairy until she is 15 to 18 months old and corn [often the source of maltodextrin] until she is 2. And yet, products with these ingredients are sold to me as the perfect introduction to solids.

I know that, because of allergy issues, we are being a little cautious when is comes to introducing foods but, really, people. How is this good??

2 responses to “another thing I’ve surmised

  1. Since I’ve been reading labels so carefully to avoid sugar, I am appalled by what is being offered as food, especially in the cereal section.

  2. reading labels is a truly horrifying experience. I’ve been somewhat numbed after years of Mr.Q’s allergy issues, but every now (like now!) and then I once again realise what I’m actually eating…or feeding the Magpie.

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