not the mama

Between yesterday and today, the Magpie has graduated from spitting and other random strings of sounds [pbthhhhh and bvamobtha] to actually stringing together repeat syllables. And, while bvabvabva makes an occasional appearance, guess what, or should I say who, her fave is??


Oh, yeah, I rock.

It loses a little when she is looking at Mr.Q while gleefully chattering mamamamama, but when she’s starting to get tired and cranky and utters a sad little mama while holding her hands up to me…well, there’s no more question. I win.

Mr.Q’s been inserting some dada into his discussions with the Magpie in hopes of coaxing the word out of her. While he’s at work for the rest of the week, though, I’m going to try to teach her not the mama.

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