in all soreness

Forget my creaky joints [okay, don’t – I have a referral to a specialist for mid-January], here’s the newest complaint: I have achy boobs.

I swear, at night, while they are supposed to to be resting and recuperating from a day of pummelling and vacuum forces, I can feel them dragging themselves into droopage. The discomfort is not anything dire – I’ve done the blocked bit a few times, and this isn’t it – it’s more of an underwhelming, hollow, stretchy resignation to the forces of gravity.

I’ve been wistfully eyeballing cute little bras as of late, now that the Magpie has been introduced to solid foodstuffs [really, I know it won’t be anytime soon, but still…], but I now suspect that I won’t have the pleasure of returning to cute little anything.

The breastfeeding may end one day, but I have the feeling that the girls are going to need all the help they can get after it’s all said and done.

3 responses to “in all soreness

  1. Oh yeah, I get those achey boobs too. Actually can get quite painful. I think from memory of my first round of breast feeding, it does settle down, but good that you are getting it checked. Sometimes I feel like mine are almost strained or something, haha, not to mention the bruises (yes!) that I have from my monkey girl who loves to pinch and grab while she is feeding, ugh.

    Yay for the ‘mama’ – very exciting!

  2. Bruises! Yikes. I get scratches, despite my best efforts with her nails…

    The Dr. is for my knees and ankles, but maybe I’ll run ‘achy boobs’ by him for a laugh. 😛

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