that’s mommy back, alright

As stated by the massage therapist within 15 seconds of laying her hands upon my shoulder blades.

Two hours later, my arms are still rubber and I am rather mellow. So, instead of a big ol’ post, I leave you with irrefutable evidence of my daughter’s parental preferences:

3 responses to “that’s mommy back, alright

  1. I have to aggree with your previous commenters! Definitely a mama coming out of that cute little girlie!

    And “not the mama?” Holy flashback to the crazy “Dinosaurs” show! Wow. I haven’t thought about that show for SO LONG, and now I have a picture in my head, clear as day, of that little baby dino in his high chair smacking daddy dino of the head with a pot or soemthing and saying, “NOT THE MAMA!”

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