another episode of things I’ve learned

It is better to change the baby on the floor.

For now, it seems, the Magpie is more than willing and able to forcibly launch herself out of her change pad – the curve of which only appears to accelerate speed and add height to the projection – and bounce around the floor smiling, and with no ill effect. That is until her mother expresses shock, horror and a tinge of fear, at which point the Magpie’s lower lip trembles and she realises that a little cry might be in order. [her mother, by the way, was right there, having turned, perhaps, 30 degrees, without even taking a step away, in order to place the diaper into the diaper genie]

Thank god the change pad is placed on a fairly low window seat, the floor is carpeted and she didn’t bump into the nearby table on the way down. She did give me a kind of what the hell? look but was quite unscathed…until I started in with the ooooh, my god let me scoop you up and give you kisses and cuddles and oh, wait, you’re okay but, by that point, it was too late. After a 20 second woe-is-me cry, she was all giggles again when I set her back down to finish securing her onsie.

At which time, she tried to flip right out of the change pad again. The same change pad whose sad little belt now seems horribly inadequate to battle the forces of determination and sheer Jolly Jumper derived leg muscle.

It’s time to move to the floor.

One response to “another episode of things I’ve learned

  1. I always change Dawson’s diaper on the floor…he’s too big for the table anyway, but he’s squirmy!

    Good luck getting your little one to stay put for a few minutes! 🙂

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