don’t let the bedbugs bite

After two follow up chiropractic visits, the resurrection of my night guard and a massage appointment to alleviate all my discomfort, we’ve decided that the wrench in my neck can now be partially attributed to our crappy old bed. The injury did happen, after all, as I was torsioning [no, that’s probably not a real word] around whilst rolling over so that I could roll over in place and not upset the delicate balance of our slumber. We have reached the final straw that damn near broke my back. [hey, a little hyperbole never hurt anyone…]

Predating the involvement of my neck is the fact that our dog has now taken to sleeping on the bed. Before that, the fact that we occasionally nap with the Magpie. And before that, for several years, in fact, was Mr.Q’s comeback whenever I tried to purchase new bedsheets for our humble double: but what about when we buy a queen size??

But, the other day, after contemplating our options once again, Mr.Q lamented: there’s got to be an easier way to do this than just thinking about it…

Hallelujah!! Yes, there is an easier way – we could go and actually buy a damn bed.

And so, tomorrow, I have Mr.Q ready and almost willing to go to a furniture store. So long as we can get a frame and mattress at the same store, Mr.Q is resigned to the purchase. We’re even looking at a website as I write this.

Even better news?? I got my hair cut!! The guy takes forever, and he’s pricey, but I do love him dearly – and here‘s why! [I like the before cut too, but the Magpie was getting a little too good at getting a grip on it]

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