from around the vast interweb, and my own backyard

  1. Did you know that yoga is a religion? Apparently, it’s not a spiritual practice, a form of exercise nor a means of self-awareness: it is, in and of itself, a religion. This according to a few [I hope, few] parents in central British Columbia who are pissed that there kids are being taught this religion in their phys ed class. Now, okay, if you want to stretch the whole ‘can’t say the lord’s prayer, therefore can’t do anything even remotely connected to a religion’ thing, then fine. But the parent concerned that the child had to put his hands together? Good god golly. How does that child clap at the end of a concert or wash his hands without evoking some heathen deity? And I fail to see how a sunrise salutation is inviting the devil in but, then again, I’ve been doing yoga for several years and am obviously far down the path to my own destruction.
  2. Why did nobody tell me that Carlo Rota is in Little Mosque on the Prairie?? I adore Carlo Rota [re: previous post: not falling into the icky old guy celebrity crush category of my celebrity crushes, but is a celebrity crush none-the-less]. I didn’t get to see the first episode last night [see point #3] and I was hoping to maybe be able to catch it sometime. Now, I must!
  3. It has been snowing here all damn day. I skipped out on a mini mommy gathering because of it and felt rather wimpy, but it’s only gotten worse out. It’s lovely. And I’m staying indoors.
  4. This is hilarious. Especially if you’ve endured as many Hinterland Who’s Who “commercials” as a cableless child in northern British Columbia.

2 responses to “from around the vast interweb, and my own backyard

  1. Wow. That spider guy sure takes himself seriously doesn’t he?

    But, I guess if I had put that much effort into such a precious little diddy, I would be pissed off if some ass-clown tried to rip me off.

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