probably not under warranty

I have a broken boob.

It is, as it should be, the chronically defective one: smaller, prone to blockage and a little off-kilter. And, now, it leaks. Just for fun. Or, as my stylist likes to say: just for shits and giggles.

Anything sets it off. A shower, a purse strap, leaning over to tie my shoes up. Anything. Regardless of whether or not the Magpie is around. It’s getting annoying.

I think I must have blown a gasket, but I highly doubt that there is any boob gasket repair shop out there taking appointments [hello, Canadian Tire?]. It’s certainly not at my local family doctor’s office anyway. ‘scuse me, there seems to be milk coming out of my boob. Like that’s a bad thing.

And the internet? I’m a little scared to google broken boob.

hm. Not nearly as scary as one would think. But still not helpful.

So, I suspect that I’ll have to resort to my standard fix over the years – you know, for curing the mismatched, off kilter of the pair back in high school when those things mattered oh-so much. I’m going to have to stuff my bra.

And there’s probably still no where to send the bill for the supplies.

2 responses to “probably not under warranty

  1. I have a broken testicle…

    There are few things more embarassing than having to stuff your jockeys. 😉


  2. my condolences. 😛

    but, dude, several hundred comments on a post, and you get back to respond to mine? that’s way more impressive than a busted nut. thx!

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