joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

…or at least those at the most awesome, warm and shallow local swimming hole.

We had our first swim class today and the Magpie loved it. Not so much the couple of little bumps to the noggin that were incurred on the trip home, but nothing a kiss and a cuddle didn’t cure right away.

But swim class. Six new moms and one grandmother, seven babies and one instructor trying to convince us all to swish our babies around in time to saccharine little ditties. The Magpie was the demonstrator of choice for almost all the songs and games and she did far better than I thought she would. I got a hell of a lot wetter than I thought I would … but I guess I was in the pool, after all.

Note to self: the locker key turns to the left to open the locker. This will prevent looking like an idiot and contemplating the best way to sneak out, dripping wet and in a swimsuit, to the front desk to ask for help.

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