Sunday Edition I

aaah – me! In video!! Oh, how they’ll all laugh!!

Wow. What unfortunate freeze frames at the beginning and end. I’ll have to work on that…

Relevant links:

So, seriously. Leave me a comment with queries and/or requests. Otherwise next week will be about my allan key incidents.

Because you know there will be allan key incidents…

3 responses to “Sunday Edition I

  1. So coooooool!!!
    Too bad you didn’t think of this yesterday…you could have got some footage of the outlaws & their intense puzzle fun!!lol

  2. I love it!

    Oh and I’m not a cool kid. I’m still the weird goth girl that no one talks to in high school.

    PS. I love your hair.

  3. mackey – lol. I’ll have to work up to in-law footage…good idea!

    jenny – oh dear, I hope I didn’t offend your inner goth! appropriate edits are in 😛 thx!

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