By sheer virtue of having read my way to the bottom of her post [now that’s powerful!], mackey has tagged me with the following:

1. Do you like the looks and the content of your blog? For the most part. There are always things I think could be improved, and I’ll probably go for an aesthetic overhaul just for the sake of a change in the near future.

2. Does your family know about your blog? Not Quarter Rest (so far as I know). I have other, private blogs to keep them content.

3. Can you tell your friends about your blog? A few, yes. But I haven’t.

4. Do you just read the blogs of those who comment on your blog? Usually. I’ll at least check them out a couple of times to see if they update frequently or have posts of interest. I read almost everyone through feed service now, so it’s easier to skim someone for a few weeks as a trial.

5. Does your blog positively affect your mind? Um, hell yeah. This is the path to sanity, my dears. Mr.Q can only put up with so much. The rest goes here!

6. What does the number of visitors to your blog mean? I’d be lying if I said that I don’t look at my numbers on occasion. I mean, if I didn’t want readers, I’d just have a paper diary or private blog, no? I get my weekly stats email and it’s nice to see a few hits.

7. Do you imagine what other bloggers look like? Of course! Having said that, I hate having my own image out there -I’m never happy with it – which is why it’s probably a good exercise for me to do try the weekly video blogging.

8. Do you think blogging has any real benefit? For me? Yes – see sanity reference. In general? Absolutely. There are some amazing people out there that I never would have met otherwise and this is a great forum.

9. Do you think that the blogosphere is a stand alone community separated from the real world? No, for the most part. So much of the blogosphere is about the real world. I have no problem seeing the people I interact with online as real people, in the real world – not just an online avatar.

10. Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them? I avoid the ones that scare me. Others, I read on a regular basis.

11. Do you think that criticizing your blog is useful? Random attacks are completely out of the question. I did, however, submit myself to the lovely ladies at I talk too much and got an eye opening. If you ask, it’s all good.

12. Have you ever thought about what would happen to your blog in case you died? No. But now I have to. My will has everything going to Mr.Q, and he does know my login…so I guess he gets to take over. Aren’t you lucky??

13. Which blogger had the greatest impression on you? A single blogger? Can’t do that. Check out the blogroll – I am inspired by aspects of everyone in there, which is why they’re rolled.

14. Which blogger do you think is the most similar to you? I wouldn’t curse anyone with that!

15. Name a song you want to listen to? Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol. It’s a mellow kind of day.

Tagging: my rule is not to, but if you are so inclined to post your answers on your site, leave me a comment or drop me an email and let me know!

2 responses to “tagged

  1. That’s one meme I wouldn’t attempt! I don’t even know who’s going to get the cat when I die, much less the blog!

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