I have been soundly rejected. Put off. Turned down. Refused.


Yesterday afternoon, the Magpie decided that she did not want to breastfeed, without even trying. Open mouth, furrowed brow, hamster visibly huffing and puffing on the wheel … and … nope. Jaws snap shut, head turns away and she sighs.

Twice. At two completely different occasions.

Never before has there been such complete, utter and practically premeditated refusal. Oh, sure, there have been the why did you even bothers and the are you sure that’s alls, but this eh, not right now, maybe later kind of attitude was rather abrupt to say the least.

I may be on the verge of obsolete and I swear I can feel redundancy breathing down my neck. The rice cereal mocks me and the squash and zucchini are whispering in the corner whilst shooting conspiring glances in my direction. Pity wafts off the sippy cup in waves.

She is eating more solids… and apparently they’re getting to be more satisfying for her.

Hah – but that was yesterday. Today, why did you even bother was back with the re-enforcement of where the heck did you put all that, and the zucchini had the decency to look chagrined.

And so, by their graces, I cling to my corner office and have the boss’s ear for another day …

2 responses to “rejection!

  1. I just have to say, I love your posts. Whenever my RSS reader pops up saying you’ve updated I’m happy to come and have a read. I like your sense of humour.

    I’ve found myself to be rather redundant lately too, as the solids are by far the preferred means of sustenance.. except for in the middle of the night when she loves her milk again. I weaned my first daughter when she was 11 months, as it was getting difficult working shifts (nursing), but it was pretty heartbreaking for a while there. Changes eh? These babies of ours are growing up so fast!

    I loved your video post too, I’m looking forward to next Sunday 🙂

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