I now have a couple of baby food prep books [yes, thus far, we are steaming and blendering – uh, blending – our baby food. But we’re on single items still…]. Between my basic book, my latest one – picked up from reading the delicious sounding dinners here [much thanks for the tip!] – and what I’ve meandered through online, I end up with the same consternating questions.

While advocating starting solids at 6 months, introducing one new food every week and introducing all foods individually before mixing them, they all suggest that by 7 or 8 months, one’s child should now be enjoying a variety of cereals, vegetables and fruits, such that he/she is now ready to move on to more complex tasting experiences.

What the…???

So, within 4-8 weeks, at the rate of 1 per week, that makes, um, let’s see here… oh yeah: 4-8 foods. That’s a “variety”?? The Magpie has had 2 cereal types, 2 squash types, zucchini and sweet potato and has flat-out rejected blueberries and is seriously considering rejecting mango. So, how am I supposed to get around to mixing things when it appears that I will be constantly introducing things to be able to, at some point, mix them? Must I reassess my intros to meet the ingredients of the mixes? Or is there a magic date at which I can just say ‘ah, screw it’ and sit her down in front of a slab of prime rib slathered in sauces, with a side of fries and a cold one? [I joke, people!]

She has only been eating food for 6 weeks, damn it. It will take a little longer than that to get her up to a full meal deal. [again! I joke! gah. I’ve been off the stuff for so long, I probably couldn’t even stomach it anymore.] In the mean time, we plan to slog through the foods, try another fruit or two and avoid anything that vaguely resembles dairy, corn, wheat, citrus, apple/pear/plum/nectarine/peach/tomato, etc or seafood. And ponder her reactions – and rejections – all as potential allergies, just for the fun of it. she wiped at her eye, is it itchy? she sniffed, is she stuffy?? is that a rash or did she scratch herself? or did she scratch herself because she has a rash?

Okay. Fruits suck [no, thank you, Mr.Q!]. Maybe we’ll just introduce a few new veggies and skip straight on over to chicken.

3 responses to “variety

  1. Well.. to be honest, I skipped the whole ‘one food at a time thing’ and just went to boiling up a big pot of potato, kumara (sweet potato to you), pumpkin, and carrots, and then chucking it all in the food processor with the juicy goodness that it was cooked in. But then we don’t have any food allergies in our family, so it’s different.
    I too have done the math on all of that and wondered how you are supposed to fit it all in.

  2. I jumped right in and told the food allergy police to screw off.

    Hailey really liked avacado, guava, and bananas.

    Don’t tell but I still eat the guava babyfood occassionally. Mmmmm….

  3. yeah, I know we’re going a little overboard in delaying a whole tonne of food. it would be a little easier if Mr.Q’s allergies coincided with the usual ones… 😛

    guava, eh? I’ll have to keep a look out for a few of those too!

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