why Mr.Q cooks

I just crept downstairs, leaving the Magpie blissfully napping on our new mattress [yay!] because I realised that I could detect the scent of sweet potatoes drifting up the stair. I had placed them in a 350 degree oven just over 90 minutes ago so that, later this afternoon, I could mash them up and freeze them for baby food/mommy snacks. But, now I could definitely smell them.

Upon opening the oven door, I was met with the chortle of sweet potato innards at full boil, and a rather ominous looking ooze taking over the corner of the baking dish. Thank god should I? had won the battle of should I or shouldn’t I? put these in a dish. The nameless black chunks that inhabit the floor of my oven do not need any more friends with whom to share their woes.

Now I’ll have to wait another couple of hours for the molten masses to cool enough to inspect. I’m hoping that one of the two made it through intact. Sad, how I want the one that came through the ordeal in one piece, only to stick it in the blender…

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