when in doubt….

…call the 1.800 number on the Diaper Genie package.

There is no latex in the Diaper Genie stage II [now just Diaper Genie – they apparently have abolished the stages system and it’s all stage II, all the time] but there is a different scent. Not just stronger – different. I have had eczema reactions to scented stuff in the past – think laundry detergent, soaps – so this is still a possibility.

Oh, and the newer, better [more expensive, perhaps??] Diaper Genie II system has unscented inserts. Of course.

The service rep was very nice and is sending out a stamped envelope because they’ll want me to return the insert for their product quality people. I think she decided to send me some coupons, too, but we’ll see what shows up. Considering that I am not 100% sure that this really is the cause, I’m not about to complain. Regardless, since not changing diapers is not really an option no matter how much I protest, I may be looking into the newer, better and unscented system soon.

I had all sorts of intentions about getting completely indignant on their ass [after, in private, at least], but it’s just not in me today. I usually get at least a little huffy [to myself and Mr.Q] regarding the usage of latex, excessively strong scents and other allergens. I even get indignant on Mr.Q’s behalf for his allergies – Mr.Q’s just on way too much of an even keel. Someone has to get pissed about it! Maybe it’s rubbing off on me. At least level headedness isn’t making me itchy. I think…

So, any product reviews for me? Anyone out there used/using the Diaper Genie II?

2 responses to “when in doubt….

  1. I wish they had Diaper Genies a billion years ago when my kids needed swaddling. We only had leaves and vines…and, of course, Pampers.

  2. lol – and if it were leaves and vines, Mr.Q would be out of diaper changing from his tree allergies… but my hands would be oh-so gorgeous. 😛

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