Co-napping on the new bed is fanfreakingtastic: comfortable, spacious and – oh, yeah – comfortable. This morning’s nap was no exception.

Mr.Q was home after an early [early] 3am project and ready for a bit of sleep, so we all dozed. It starts by putting down a receiving blanket. A thin piece of cotton with little pink and purple flowers or gingham checks or teddy bears who, I can only assume, must have the magical powers to stop any nasties from reaching our bedsheets. They must. How, I do not know. And really, we have yet to test the system fully, but the need to place a smidgen of cotton between the Magpie and the mattress is too strong to ignore.

Or was.

This morning, she took it upon herself to scratch at the sheet as she was drifting off, as she often does, but this time, she grabbed the edge of the receiving blanket and pulled it tight across her face.

I blinked. Again. Made sure that this is what I was seeing and then, perhaps a wee bit traumatized and with a slight shake in my hand, pulled it away and lay the blanket flat again. At this point, she sleepily repeated the apparent self-suffocating manoeuver and I, again, had to reclaim the blanket. This happened ad nauseum until she fell into a deep enough sleep that I could keep the blanket away from her nose and mouth.

I stared at her for the remainder of her nap, now knowing that we have played far too much peek-a-boo.

3 responses to “undercover

  1. Maybe she likes the feel of the blanket against her cheek? My daughter (5 years old) still rubs a receiving blanket on her face as she falls asleep. As a baby she used to do the same thing with my shirt as she nursed, and I assume that’s where the behavior originated. Or maybe it reminds her of playing peekaboo. 😉

  2. I’m starting to think it’s a comfort thing too – to be near/nesting like. She’s taken to moving herself around to have her head as close to the bars of the crib as possible and for today’s nap (sans blanket) she worked her way up to be near the pillow.

    Yes, I’m psychoanalyzing a 7 1/2 months old. That means it’s probably just the peek a boo. 😛

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