god help her

For this week’s Crazy Hip Blog Mamas carnival writing prompt, the question is: “What parts yourself do you hope that your child gets from you?“.

Whoa. That’s a full question…

I suspect the list is longer of things I don’t want her to get from me; Mr.Q and I [how good am I at picking a mate?!] manage to compliment each other in most things. I have bad eyes, he doesn’t. I’m allergic to latex and strong scents, he’s allergic to everything else. I have bad knees, he has a bad elbow. He has cavities, I had braces.

So, the Magpie, in theory has the chance to turn out perfect. Yep, perfect. If all of our combined faults manage to cancel each other out. If not – if all our faults are dominant traits – well, she’s screwed.

So, what would I like her to get from me?

  • Strong teeth, and no wisdom teeth.
  • Left handedness [‘cuz we’re taking over the world, baby!]
  • Tenacity. Some people have been known to refer to this as irrational stubbornness. But I choose to tenaciously ignore them.
  • Nice hands. Mine are now going to pot with incessant hand washing, but they used to be quite nice, if I do say so.
  • The desire to try. New things. Anything [almost anything]. As with stubbornness tenacity, this isn’t always a good thing [you should see my resume] but it’s the only way to live.

There are so many other things I want for her, but they are to be her own. Should she grow up to love her life, then it is all good.

Loving her life as a toothy, left-handed, stubborn tenacious, fine appendaged, open minded woman, that is.

6 responses to “god help her

  1. I am sure these things will come to her in time. She already has a great start at seeing how important balance is in one’s life!

  2. Love it! Wouldn’t that be nice if all of our negative traits cancelled each other out!?

    Lefties UNITE! (ha!)

  3. Jenn, I don’t know what I enjoyed more — your post or your title! Girl, I know how you feel…God help my little one too!

  4. ah, tenacity! i always said it’s the rich folks that are eccentric and not just weird.

    i’ve gotta agree with the “no wisdom teeth” … my experience was right up there with labor and delivery but i was under general anesthesia for the wisdom teeth.

    and el Jefe’ and i often have the yin/yang thing going, and we too share the hope that our faults will cancel eachother out. when our Punkin starts acting like an engineer, we both roll our eyes and cross our (chapped) fingers that he’ll be a pharmacist.

    here via CHBM 🙂

  5. Hee Heee! Love your sense of humor!
    Too funny. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week from a fellow Crazy Hip Blog Mama!

  6. My older son and my husband are lefties too! I always wanted to be left handed because lefties in fairy tales always have magical powers. Although my husband claims he has magical powers to 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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