that’s not a ….

While reading the vast and all knowing opinionated internet, I have taken to tagging a lot of things to my account: stuff for me, stuff for Mr.Q, stuff I should read but likely won’t and, of course, stuff for the Magpie.

One of these items [I believe the recommendation came from here – or her previous blog, anyway] was a CD from They Might Be Giants, and we ended up getting it for Christmas. One of Mr.Q’s favourite songs is Letter/Not a Letter in which kids are repeatedly saying is that a letter? that’s not a letter. that’s a letter!. I assume it would make much more sense if we had the DVD.

Regardless, it’s a cute children’s song. Emphasis on children.

And then I see this Saturn commercial: that’s a Saturn? is that a Saturn? that’s a Saturn!

I own a Saturn. I may never be able to look at it again without seeing the alphabet floating in front of my eyes….

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