3 am epiphany


In an of itself, teeth is a soothing word to say: a little touch of the tongue, a long, slow vowel sound ending on a soft wispy th.


The same number of letters as teeth and also a soothing word to say with its sibilant s start, followed by the same long, slow vowel and ending with a little pop of p.

Two words: so soothing, so similar and yet so incredibly and completely incompatible.

3 responses to “3 am epiphany

  1. Hehe, great post. I love reading things like this.

    p.s. I watched your Sunday video, but being lazy and watching it off my RSS list I didn’t come comment.. but I do hope that you get the best possible news 🙂

  2. How about Peeped? That means in mommy language pooped out! No sleep anymore! Teeth the issue as as well!

    Mrs. Mogul

  3. I don’t like thinking about sleep and teeth at the same time, because that usually means that I’m dreaming that they’re falling out.

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