if you got it

Mr.Q’s work is holding a contest: submit a video that describes your interpretation of one of The Employers key concepts / slogans. Entries are coming in from all over the world [some oh-so much scarier than others – you’d think that a technology company would have employees capable of putting together a better 60 second video than some of the entries, but apparently not], though I really would have expected to see many more entries.

Mr.Q’s entry stars the Magpie and uses some still shots and clips of videos that he has taken and he’s written a nice little voice over script to go with it. So, why is he doing all this?

For the chance to win a PlayStation 3.

Yes, my husband is pimping my daughter’s early childhood memories [on his work place’s internal network, at least] for the chance to win a PlayStation 3. He hasn’t even gotten his hands on the much lusted after Nintendo Wii yet, and has now expanded his focus to acquiring yet another gaming console.

For, you know, all his spare time. In which he makes video compilations.

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