Sunday Edition IV

football fatigue, sweet stalker & stuff

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update: Mr.Q made it home to turn the game on with less than 30 seconds of play gone by. He had already missed a touchdown. I had to watch the replay.


But, he did bring me a music stand that I’ve wanted forfreakingever, so I guess I’ll indulge…

3 responses to “Sunday Edition IV

  1. Ok, this is the first ‘sunday edition’ I have gotten a chance to see…what a fun idea! It is so weird getting to know people through blogs, I find myself obsessively looking through their sites for photos or anything to try to put a face to the writing…and I know that I avoid having my picture taken like the plague. So how cool to not only see what you look like but to hear your cute Canadian accent! I am going to have to show it to the EP to prove that my accent is not as thick as he thinks it is (since I am from northern Michigan he teases me every time I say ‘out’ or ‘about’).

  2. oh, how many times must we say: we’re the ones without the accents!

    lol – you made me go back and check how many times I actually ‘out’ or ‘about’. maybe next week I’ll have to do all ‘eh’, ‘out and about’ and ‘no doubt about it!’. heheh…

  3. Hey, if I figure out any way to put the finger on this Mr. Q (how can you tell about that form of address, I wonder?) then I would not be able to keep from telling you. This is the first non-WordPress blog where I watched any YouTube at all, and here you are making one of your own! (I assume…)

    Of course, you’d just have to be my favorite other nationality, wouldn’t you? Well, anyhow, like I said, I like to figure out who the “anonymous” people are, since I am supposedly supposed to be that way, and have no way to succeed. This thing wants me to type “polgtjvu” to get through, so I will also rearrange that to say,

    “plot v. jug?”

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