should I stay or should I go

I have a new dilemma.
has done the deed and can now import from beta new Blogger. I’ve been happy with Blogger, really, I have. I like being able to go in and mess with my own template – something I won’t be able to do at without shelling out a few bucks – but that is also what has been the pain in the ass. While that is theoretically alleviated in new Blogger, somewhat, I can not do the things I want to do with widgets and so I have not fully converted to the new system [mostly because of my own laziness, I’m sure]. Plus a change of platform would make a mind easing final separation between my Blogger personal, family blogs and my for-everyone-else blogs.

And I love, love, love, love the ability to have pages in WordPress. Love. And I’m ready, again, for a change. I just wasn’t quite thinking a change of address.

Life was so much easier when the option simply wasn’t available. Now there’s setting up a template, figuring out how to redirect … okay, neither of which are tricky. See the lazy comment above.

What do you guys think? Any serious objections or vehement pro-movers? [KG, if you read this, it seems to me that I have a vague recollection of your preferences!]

The Magpie is 8 months old today! Holy crap.

Notice anything new? The required reading list has grown by one: The Parent Bloggers Network is now a spot for you to check out on a regular basis. This means that you will occasionally see me posting about a product they’re checking out – but I will be one of several opinions on the matter. For the full trial-by-parents of things you might just need, keep an eye on the Network!

2 responses to “should I stay or should I go

  1. I know! Can you believe our babies are getting so grown up? Before we know it we will be planning the first birthday party. Eek.

    Re: the wordpress thing – I’ve tried Live Journal, WordPress, Blogger, Vox, Bebo, and maybe one other, but the best one so far was TypePad. I did really like WordPress though but the template thing annoyed me. Heh, not much help am I?

  2. Mae is 8 months old!!!!????
    How in the heck did that happen? You just had her!
    Before you know it she will be 8…then 18…..those little ones make life go sooo fast!

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