***we interrupt the post I had planned for the following rant. it uses the f-word on occasion. for those who may be offended, you may with to skip this post. you’ve been warned, Mr.Q***

Discussion last night, in one corner of interweb, revolved around the term MILF. [go have a listen] By the end of said discussion, I was overwhelmed disengaged underwhelmed tired. And maybe a wee bit sad.

Apparently, I should be appalled at this term, its usage and most connotations. But I’m not. Really, honestly, I am not. I take issue with the notion that I should have an issue with MILF. That likely makes me part of the perceived problem, but there it is. And I am huge on semantics, don’t get me wrong – ask anyone I’ve ever worked with to produce an operating procedure, report or memo. I’m all about is this really what you mean. But, here I see no confusion.

Mom I’d Like to Fuck.

Short, simple, unambiguous words leaving little in the way of interpretation. A mom. Who is [so as not to over-f this post] doable.

Concerns about being labelled as, or confined within the label of, mom? But I am a mom. No, that’s not all I am, but I suspect that MILF became so pervasive because it can be applied to a large segment of the population. I doubt that, anytime soon, I will hear about lab techs I want to fuck or left handed amateur photographers who occasionally write poetry that I want to fuck. Maybe, just maybe, bloggers I want to fuck, but really, BILF??

Concerns about the combination of mom and fuck? What, as opposed to jumping on the Madonna/whore bandwagon? I know it’s not one or the other, but in the continuum, I’d rather lean toward MILF, thank you.

The kicker: concerns about I. That perpetuating the term MILF gives power to the ‘other’ in the conversation – the one stating I’d like to. In my [own oh-so humble] opinion, it is the acknowledgment that this term has the power to piss people off that gives it its mojo. I walk around forming opinions of others all the time – what of my old guy celebrity crushes? Does the fact that I have a thing for Alan Rickman belittle him in any way? The difference between I am a member of the Alan Rickman fanclub and the Alan Rickman fan club includes me as a member seems rather moot. Though, I do agree with the technical aspect, at least, of speakers’ conclusion to more accurately call oneself a mom you’d like to fuck. [already copyrighted or trademarked or whatever one needs to do by Kristen, so don’t even think about it!]

[Apologies to anyone who got here by googling Alan Rickman. I have no idea where his fan club is.]

At the end of the day, semantics and dissection aside, it’s about context. If some creepy asshole is going to leer at me [work with me, here] it doesn’t matter whether he uses the term MILF or asks me for the time. It will still be creepy.

Now, I’m not about to wander around wearing a t-shirt stating that I am a MILF – or LTILF or LHAPWOWPILF. But if some guy recognises that I am a mom by the diaper bag, baby or rather harried look and also acknowledges that he thinks I’m fuckable, well good for him. It might even remind me that there is such a thing as sex out there and not just diaper bags, babies, lab techs, amateur photography, poetry and blogging about catch phrases.

***end vent and use of the f-word. thank you for you indulgence. we know return you to your regular Quarter Rest***

3 responses to “vent

  1. This comment will label me as old and uncool, but I am offended by this acronym. I grew up in the seventies when women as a whole fought really hard to not be thought of as “just something to be fucked”. We tried to remove the “fuckability” factor from places where it controled the lives of women, e.g. the marketing of different products and the hiring departments of sexist corporations. Having been a PTA volunteer for so long, it disturbed me to hear eleven year old boys refering to my friends and fellow PTA members as MILF’s. Face it, if you’ve got the parts, a guy is going to want it whether you’re a mom,a prostitute or even a domesticated farm animal. Men whistle at women even when they look their absolute worst. So why is it so flattering to want to be thought of this way? Especially, by young boys who’s hormones make anything and everything appear fuckable. Has our self-esteem as women sunk so low? I know it’s all in fun, but…
    Oh my God! I’ve ranted away the comments section (I should’ve written a blog!) Sorry about that. I’ll go change my e-mail address now.

  2. rant away min!

    now, see, these are the objections I can understand!

    in the sense that all one needs is the parts, perhaps ‘flattered’ is a bit harsh, but I still remain unoffended. at best, amused, at worst, slightly irritated.

    in the sense of getting past just something to be fucked: okay. this one I buy into. I guess in my own little sunshiny rainbow filled head, I like think that we are for the most part beyond that and that MILF is, somehow, no more than a titillating term in a MTV era where everything has sex attached to it. no more than me seeing a hot guy walking down the street and my first thought being: hey, he’s hot. my next thought may very well be I wonder where he got that shirt or oooh, he’s in going into that store, I love that store!.

    no, we’re probably not beyond it. i just don’t watch enough rap vidoes (or likely tv in general), nor hang out near enough 11 year old boys.

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