who stole the downtown bus

That is what I my sister and I used to sing when ever we heard the lyric who wrote the book of love? on the radio when we were little. Because that is what we honestly thought was being sung.

I blame it on the sketchy AM signal.

Instead of mis-hearing lyrics, though Mr.Q prefers to just make his own up. He has a good ear, and occasionally his off-the-cuff lyrics are actually the words to a song with a similar melody or utilizing the same sample. More often than not his lyrics are just weirdness. Generally it’s harmless, and often kind of funny. Very rarely does it ruin a song to the point where I can only hear his version, but that’s been known to happen, too.

But now he has taken to disrupting the delicate balance of childrens’ songs.

The Magpie is now listening to the Drum series of the Music Together program. One of the songs is about John the Rabbit and how he has the mighty habit of jumping into the garden and cutting down the cabbage, etc, etc. He is so destructive that there may be no garden left next fall, should the singer live long enough to see it.

In Mr.Q’s version, though, it’s not John the Rabbit that we must worry about: it’s John the Baptist.

I’m sure there is some very profound statement about Mr.Q’s childhood days and religious eduction buried in there somewhere. And I think I’d like to leave it there.

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