Take Which Useless Man are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Personality Test Generator.

You are THE OCCASIONAL USELESS GAL, using biting sarcasm and venomous barbs to keep men in line. The men do not understand your sarcasm, and just think you are either a) hormonal, or b) PMS ing, or c) both. Offers of ice cream for a peace offering are just ploys to get some make up sex. Mainly, if you are THE OCCASIONAL USELESS GAL, it is because you are a girl.

Well, thank god I’m the Occasional Useless Gal – I was a little worried about being one of the Useless Men, but I went ahead and took the quiz anyway. Sometimes it’s better to know the truth, even if it isn’t what you wanted to hear. [Mama Grouch, today’s question (#472) is all about our cute Canadian pronunciations!]

I’m definitely feeling a little more useless today; I’ve succumbed to whatever cough-inducing, body-aching, nasty-assed virus has been floating around in my vicinity. I am officially sick.

Damn it.

Keeping up with an eight month old is one thing when I’m fully functional, but in my bleary-eyed stupor it’s a whole other story. Oh yeah, and today is the day she didn’t want to nap this morning.

I love the Jolly Jumper. And the Crocoglock. Without which being useless would take a whole evil turn.

One response to “phew!

  1. Well you really dodged a bullet there! Kids are indeed a handful when you’re able, never mind when you’re under the weather.

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