there’s something about today…

Oh yeah, it’s one of Hallmark‘s favourite days of the year.

And, for the first time in pretty much forever, Mr.Q got me a card and I did not get him one. I’m sick, okay? Not only have I and the Magpie fallen ill to the vile virus, Mr.Q now has sinuses that feel like the Port Mann bridge during rush hour. Although speculation circulates that it was he who first brought the flu into the house, he is now the last to succumb.

So, guess what we’re doing tonight? A big fat nothing!! Yayyy!!! In past years we would have gone to Horizons or Aqua Riva or – back in the days of dating on a student budget and before there was any such thing as food allergy – Boston Pizza.

So, have a glass of wine for me tonight. I’ll be dining, tastelessly, on some fish I picked up at the grocery store while on a Sudafed [for Mr.Q] and vitamin C [for me] run this morning.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

One response to “there’s something about today…

  1. The flu blows. I’m so sorry it has wrecked havoc on your V-Day celebrations. Any romancing has been sufficiently stifled over at our place too. Hopefully we’ll all be back to our old chipper selves in no time.

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