the three musketeers

The Magpie and I have a quasi routine. We attempt to get out for a walk between her morning snack and her lunch and that usually means around 10am. But, should she sleep late or the weather isn’t co-operating or should I just need a few extra minutes to get ready, the walk may very well be delayed. Some days [god help us] she naps early and we’ve been out the door at 9.

And then it’s a whole other world out there.

At 10am, there are a standard set of exercise walkers out – older couples, a few people of coffee break from nearby offices, a few walkers of little dogs and the occasional mom or grandma and stroller. We mostly recognize each other and proffer the nod’n’smile routine or even make a quip about the weather should it strike us.

But, at 9am, it’s the walkers of big dogs. There are no casual walkers out – only employees about to get their asses fired for being late one more time and dog owners on a mission to get tire out their Shepherds, Labs and Rottweilers. Everyone moves with a purpose, and usually a coffee cup, and while eyes might meet, there is little in the way of cheer.

At 11:30am, the construction guys seem to be on break and are wandering back and forth between the site of the coffee shops. And there are three women out with the babies in strollers who appear to be about the same age as the Magpie. Mr.Q has seen these three and I have seen these three. Always in the far enough distance that we can never make contact without chasing them down [and how desperate looking is that?]. And while, we’re not generally out at that time, when we are, we almost always see them. We’ve never seen them going to or from anywhere in particular so it would be hard to just stroll past their houses.

Now, it’s not that the Magpie is lacking in activities, nor am I feeling left out of time with mommies. We’ve got both going on, thank you. Nor is it that I want in on their walks – way too late for us 90% of the time. So why am I so intrigued by them?? Can it be so terribly unusual for three women to live in the same area and have babies at roughly the same time and hang out together? Every single day?

Maybe that’s what it is: I can’t imagine having that strict of a routine – one in which others are expecting me to head out with them every single day. I have to work at making weekly music and swimming classes [and don’t always] and the open play dates. But a daily scheduled walk? That’s a commitment that’s a little beyond me these days.

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