you win

To the three women in Toys R Us at 1:30 pm this afternoon:

Yes, by being short enough to hide below the level of the shelving so that we could not see you coming around the corner and by sending one of you flying in front of me so that I had to step back from the item you wanted [that I was clearly contemplating] and by snatching it up and passing it back to your friends at the end of the aisle to facilitate your speedy getaway, you were indeed able to acquire the one Diaper Genie II that was available on the shelf.

Bully for you.

You’re just lucky it wasn’t between you and Mr.Q for a Nintendo Wii.

2 responses to “you win

  1. dude, you should have totally body checked them. Or set baby Q down behind the one holding the diaper genie and pushed her over.

    works every time.

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