perhaps the flu has made me delusional

Perhaps I’ve been watching too many parenting shows, or reading too many parenting ezines. Perhaps I’m now finally emerging from the stupor of the first zombie-like months of the Magpie’s short life. We’re well past the days of eat, sleep, cry, eat, sleep, cry. We have interaction. We have time for interaction. I can really, honestly see personality – I no longer have to mouth exaggerated responses to her whims as though they were conscious decisions on her part or predetermined characteristics passed down from relatives she has never met.

But, I am now seeing traits in her from relatives that she has never met.

I do see Mr.Q’s family resemblance in her, including Mr.Q’s sister who died suddenly in May of 2004. I also have seen a great deal of my grandmother who passed the November before and whose birthday she shares.

And I can not share these observations with either side of the family as I know there are those who would take the idea of physical or personality similarities a little too far and go all Sylvia Browne on the idea. As much as I love the idea that she could have little bits of the both of them to carry on – as she technically does, in her very make up – I’ll just get to keep those moments when others appear in her manners to myself.

It’s only fair to the Magpie, and to the memories of those who came before her.

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