take two advil and don’t call me. ever.

And that was the gist of my follow up appointment with the rheumatology specialist. According to my x-rays and blood work, there is absolutely nothing diagnosably wrong with me. So – big yay! – I don’t have any of the big, evil nasties that he was testing for. Because I really didn’t want a big, evil nasty. But, it turns out I don’t have anything.

I just have symptoms.

You know, like knee pain, ankle pain and back pain. So what, exactly, is one supposed to do about it? Just sit up straight, build up core strength, exercise and pop those little anti-inflammatory pills. Now, bye-bye.


So, that’s what I’ll do. Work on my stretches, a little cardio, a little core, the ubiquitous 20lbs and keep a little stash of Advil on hand.

And go visit my chiropractor a little more often.

2 responses to “take two advil and don’t call me. ever.

  1. My body changed so much after pregnancy and delivery. My joints and back and head hurt–constantly. My knees buckle, my ankles float, my head swims. Seriously.
    I’ve been going to a yoga class that’s been helping build my core strength (and by ‘going’ I mean, attending once weekly and entirely sporadically to boot). But it helps.
    It’s finding the motivation to go that I really struggle with.

  2. I totally have to get back into yoga – I did it for years before and during pregnancy, but have been lazy, lazy, lazy since. I’m starting to sneak in a few poses here and there, but I’ll have to find a class soon!

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