another episode of things I’ve learned

Pureed chicken is nasty.

The Magpie gets to try chicken this tomorrow, so yesterday I steamed it [a scary thing in and of itself, but it worked brilliantly] and then used my shiny hand blender on it.


I really will not blame the Magpie if she soundly rejects it. It tastes like chicken … but the texture is heinous. It’s a good thing babies don’t remember anything, or this would land her in therapy for sure.

4 responses to “another episode of things I’ve learned

  1. I remember creating some very unscrumptious looking gloop for my kids. I know it’s nutritious, but often the Alpo I give the dog looks better! The kids didn’t seem to mind. Some of their favorite foods were gray or khaki.

  2. I feel the same way about all baby food in general. I know that it is the exact same thing I’m eating (just pureed to death) but the look and consistency of it leaves little to be desired. No wonder the little buggers rejoice when they start eating finger foods. And I don’t think you have to worry about therapy, as far as I know (not that I know too much)…no one has ever attributed their eating disorder to their infant consumption of strained meats…prolonged exposure to female images in the media…yes…strained meats, not so much:) Oh, and a pat on the back for doing the meat straining yourself – it grosses me out to no end (enough to scan for organic jarred varieties).

  3. I mush fish. Now he’s picky so no more corn chowder, which he used to wolf down…oh well…I MISS FRIED CHICKEN btw, can you mush that?

  4. ugh – and here I happy to be adding something to her diet that wasn’t orange or green…

    I am looking forward to having her try fish one day (soonish?!). but fried chicken … um … yeah. 😛 I’ll run that by her doc on her next appointment

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