The only thing nastier than pureeing steamed chicken is thawing an ice cube of it the next day to feed to your baby.

And the only thing scarier than hearing it sizzle in the microwave, even though it’s only been thawing on low power for 5 seconds? When said baby eats it happily.

I kid you not. Happily. She made a far bigger fuss over avocado, mango, banana and even puffed rice. Apparently the Magpie likes meat. Should I start to worry when she “pretends” to gnaw on me? Should I now keep her away from the dog? The cat? Her baby friends? Passers by on the street?

Will she take to lunging out of her highchair after whatever dead animal I proffer for her consumption, turn her nose up at veggies and scoff cereals? I do believe that I am in the process of creating a monster. A damn cute, flesh eating baby who may at once woo you with her chubby baby charms, only to begin ripping off chunks of flesh with her five crooked little teeth.

I suppose I should keep an eye out for her eyeteeth [death fangs] to appear any day now…

One response to “carnivore

  1. Hmmmm…..I have heard that magpies will eat meat.
    If you see her start to drool when she looks at the dog then you might have a reason to be concerned.:)

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