Okay, so it’s Saturday 8pm and I am sitting on the couch, blogging. It might seem like I have no life. And, for the most part, you would be correct.

However, on Thursday I headed out at this exact time – it’s true! I was not yet in my pajamas, I still had on some makeup and I was wearing clothing that did not harbour a speck of butternut squash or rice cereal! – to a local coffee shop to watch a friend of mine perform a couple of songs for Open Mic Night.

She kicks ass. Seriously. I hadn’t heard her sing in a crazy insane amount of time and I forgot how incredibly good she was. Even though I only got out for an hour, I got to visit with her, meet up with another old acquaintance and listen to some great local talent in a cozy coffee house.

Mr.Q survived. The Magpie survived. I had normal, adult conversation that did not once involve poop or laundry or teething. Far from it! We covered real life stuff that exists, I kid you not, outside the world of babydom: [her] dating, management course projects, music and photography. It was bizarre. It was very, very nice.

And I still made it home in time to crawl into bed at my oh-so early hour so that I could wake up with the Magpie in the morning. That was very, very nice too.

3 responses to “escape!

  1. jenny – yeah, I’m surprised that I held up my end of the conversation šŸ™‚

    mrs.m – re: the squash. I just throw the whole thing in the oven and cook it into oblivion – so much easier to deal with then!

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