3 responses to “Sunday Edition VII

  1. I love that recent pic that you did. It is awesome! The lighting & the shadows from the chair make it so interesting.
    Love your tattoo BTW.

  2. Gosh you had me thinking there, about what I would take a photo of to represent me. I have an idea… hmm. Great video post 🙂

  3. I’m afraid that we’ll soon see low-fat formula choices in order to prevent that unsightly bulge in our little ones, and the unfortunate ones who are breastfed will just have to work off their extra weight once they are mobile. I’d have punched that girl in the face (not really, but I would have wanted to).

    Want to know what I did all day…pondered what I would choose to represent me in a photograph, and I still can’t decide. Thanks for making me think (that doesn’t always happen on a regular basis).

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