something else has changed

I could tweak and tweak into oblivion but, at some point, I just have to put this into effect so – ta da! – here it is!

I needed something other than blue. I wasn’t initially thinking these colours, but they kind of grew on me…

One change of note in the sidebar: you’ve probably seen my Google Reader [if not, pay more attention!]. It shows posts that I’ve chosen to share from all the stuff that I read – blogroll, ezines, etc. I think it’s a little more enticing to see an interesting post title that might nudge a person over to a blog I like, rather than stare at my ever expanding list of a blogroll. So, the blogroll has gone away. Don’t worry – I’m still reading everyone who was on it, and some who weren’t [I got lazy with updating].

Look around and let me know if anything is weird or funny or simply must be changed!

5 responses to “something else has changed

  1. I love the header image! Very cool new look, Jenn!

    I’m sad your blogroll is gone! I actually read blogs off of there! D’oh! Can I petition you to bring it back? Cause, you know, I’m the center of the world! haha!

    But yeah… I really like the new look! I definitely need to change mine up… but oy. That’s a task that’s way down low on my to do list these days. The beach will have to stay for a while yet…

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